The King of Pop

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I’m still in shock to learn about MJ’s death. It seems so unreal. Everyone was talking about Farrah fawcett’s death and I wasn’t really interested, but when they announced MJ’s death, it hit me hard. I still can’t believe it! Maybe it was because he was so young and it’s such an untimely death. I just felt really sad for him and his family. I just remember growing up to the music of Micheal Jackson. I remember that I had a little picture viewer with the round disc that had pictures.. one of my disc was of thriller. My sister and our friend would reenact thriller and I watched it countless times even though the zombie parts scared us a bit. I remember of my childhood friend crying her eyes out for like a week because she had lent her thriller album to a friend and she scratched it and it got ruined. I remember when they came out with the smooth criminal video and being just so taken aback by the dancing. Micheal Jackson is just very iconic of my childhood. Although I doubt the media will ever let him rest in peace, I’ll be praying for his family and hoping they will have some peace. Wow – I just can’t believe it. The ways Micheal Jackson impact this world are countless. I’m sure he will be missed by many. I am anxious to see the Tributes that will be made in his honor.


The D Word

Well, of course, I am about to talk about the big episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I’m not going to talk about what I think went wrong in the marriage or who’s fault because really who really knows. We have no idea what has really been going on in their hearts and minds. Although they have given us a look into their world and make it look easy at times, I’m sure that being a parent to twins and sextuplets is hard enough without having the scrutiny of America every time you turn around. While I am a reality tv watcher, I am always amazed that people will let cameras into their home. I don’t think I would ever do that. I think just knowing that all these people will be watching and waiting and wanting to give their two cents on how I should live my life wouldn’t be worth it to me. I think some things are sacred and when you invite America into your home, you will eventually lose some of that.

But what the show did stir up for me are my feelings about divorce. I am a child to divorced parents and I know the effects that it can have. While I was in my late teens and early twenties when my parents marriage really started coming to an end, I could see how it affected my little brother even more so. It really gets me angry when I hear people say that they are divorcing for the children and it’s in the children best interest for them to divorce. I don’t agree with that. I think that divorce is beneficial for the parents, but not for the kids, and no matter what, a child is best suited to be with BOTH their parents in a loving relationship. I am not saying that people should stay in abusive relationships – I do believe in separation until both can become healthly emotionally. But I just think that in today’s world, people do not hold the union of marriage as something sacred and something that is for life. When you get married, it’s FOREVER. It’s not until you feel like you can’t make it work.

Sometimes people are just amazed that Jeff and I have been married for ten years now (which really doesn’t seem like that long to me). I’ll tell you one of the reason why and it’s because we agreed that when we married it was FOREVER. We promised each other that we would never say the word divorce in our house. We have never let it be an option. Our options have been to work it out and well, work it out. We are not two special people that somehow have this supernatural cosmic bond, but we are two people.. two imperfect people.. that screw up all the time and know how to push each other’s button very well. But in the midst of that all that, we are also believers in God and Jesus, so we have Him to rely on when are good and when things get bad for us. We know and can rely in the restorative power that Jesus has over our lives. There is something about knowing there is no out and there is no other option but for us to make this work that makes you want to work for it. What’s your motivation to take the steps necessary to work it out if you know that at any time you can choose out and your partner might too?

I guess what I am trying to say is that I think it’s a cop out to say – we are doing it because it the best for our kids. That’s giving yourself an easy out.

I hope that if you aren’t married yet that when the right person comes along in your life and before your say I do, that you have a long serious discussion about what it means to married and the commitment it entails. If you are married and if you haven’t already, maybe you can make a comittment in your own household to never say/threaten the “d” word letting your spouse know that you are 100% commitment to them and your marriage.

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I must have cursed myself

So, after creating this blog, I had two embarrassing moments today.

One, at my mommy and me play date, someone said to me, is that your daughter, Kaitlynn, and I said, Yes, Kaitlynn. Then, I thought to myself, did I really just called Kaylen – Kaitlynn? The other moms were looking at me all confused and I said, “Oh, I meant Kaylen”. LOL.

Then, I finally managed to go and pick up the pictures that I scanned from my drill comp in 1998. What was sad, was that when I pulled them out, I couldn’t remember everyone’s name. These are people that I spent a good portion of the year with practicing almost every day.. and now over 10 years later, I can barely remember some of their names. So I start tagging the photos.. and there is one person that I am not quite sure on, but I felt pretty good, so I start tagging all of these pictures.. comes to find out, it was someone else. OMGoodness. How embarrassing.. and what a reminder of how old I am getting! Maybe I should just keep up this blog so when I am in my forties, I will remember my thirties??

Maybe the Misadventures of One Super Grover is right on target…

It’s the TV Remote Fault

Somehow, we lost the TV Remote tonight. Usually, Jeff can find it and I normally put in some weird place, but tonight, it has magically disappeared, so I was left with no TV and since my husband is out working a weird shift and I’m roaming the Internet at wild… I figured I would give this a shot. I can’t promise I will keep it updated on a regular basis. But who knows? Maybe this will be the next passion in my life (besides God, my wonderful husband and adorable daughter).

Well, it was fun trying to think up a name for this blog. I really don’t think of my life as a misadventure, but I find great stress relief in laughing. And sometimes it sure does feel like my life can be a misadventure. But I must say, that I finally feel like for the first time in my life, I’m coming into my own. I love where I am and find myself more satisfied than I have ever been. I remember asking my “more experienced” friends in my early-mid twenty – what was the best years of their life. Most agree that it was their 30s. At the time, I was thinking that people think that their 20s was just the time of their life, but I always felt like there was something missing in my life. So I was thinking to myself, if the 20s are supposed to be “it” and everything is downhill from here, what’s the rest of my life going to be like?? So, now, as I begin to approach my thirties, (OHGoodness, I really can’t believe that I’m really getting to be that age!), I can begin to see why most of them felt that way. Maybe is all that life experience coming together and you just finally learning to be happy with what you have. I don’t know. I certainly don’t have everything I want, but I am content. I am content with the life I live.. it’s not a perfect life by any means.. but I am finally in a place where I can truly understand the love our Heavenly Father has for us and where I just adore the friends and people around me. Maybe that’s because, I have lived in Las Vegas for over six and half years. The longest of my adult life. We are actually starting to grow roots here. I used to never understand the connections people had to places and why it was so hard for them to leave home. I did not understand the longing people had to move back home. I am starting to understand. It’s comfort. The familiarity. I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but Las Vegas in really growing on me. Not the place as in “Sin City” (it’s a rare day you will catch me on the strip), but the people around and the relationships that have been created.