I must have cursed myself

So, after creating this blog, I had two embarrassing moments today.

One, at my mommy and me play date, someone said to me, is that your daughter, Kaitlynn, and I said, Yes, Kaitlynn. Then, I thought to myself, did I really just called Kaylen – Kaitlynn? The other moms were looking at me all confused and I said, “Oh, I meant Kaylen”. LOL.

Then, I finally managed to go and pick up the pictures that I scanned from my drill comp in 1998. What was sad, was that when I pulled them out, I couldn’t remember everyone’s name. These are people that I spent a good portion of the year with practicing almost every day.. and now over 10 years later, I can barely remember some of their names. So I start tagging the photos.. and there is one person that I am not quite sure on, but I felt pretty good, so I start tagging all of these pictures.. comes to find out, it was someone else. OMGoodness. How embarrassing.. and what a reminder of how old I am getting! Maybe I should just keep up this blog so when I am in my forties, I will remember my thirties??

Maybe the Misadventures of One Super Grover is right on target…

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