The King of Pop

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via

I’m still in shock to learn about MJ’s death. It seems so unreal. Everyone was talking about Farrah fawcett’s death and I wasn’t really interested, but when they announced MJ’s death, it hit me hard. I still can’t believe it! Maybe it was because he was so young and it’s such an untimely death. I just felt really sad for him and his family. I just remember growing up to the music of Micheal Jackson. I remember that I had a little picture viewer with the round disc that had pictures.. one of my disc was of thriller. My sister and our friend would reenact thriller and I watched it countless times even though the zombie parts scared us a bit. I remember of my childhood friend crying her eyes out for like a week because she had lent her thriller album to a friend and she scratched it and it got ruined. I remember when they came out with the smooth criminal video and being just so taken aback by the dancing. Micheal Jackson is just very iconic of my childhood. Although I doubt the media will ever let him rest in peace, I’ll be praying for his family and hoping they will have some peace. Wow – I just can’t believe it. The ways Micheal Jackson impact this world are countless. I’m sure he will be missed by many. I am anxious to see the Tributes that will be made in his honor.

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