Kaylen @ 10 months, 1 week, 8 days old

I know I’m like a broken record, but every time I sit down to write about her progress she is making, I just can’t believe how fast she is growing and changing. Time is just passing me by and I know I need to make more time to write about her progress. I will admit that I don’t actually have any baby books for her. I just have these blogs I write about her to memorialize her firsts and the progress she makes.

The big milestone that she reached was crawling. She started crawling around her nine month birthday. I was waiting and waiting for her to start crawling and now it just seems like she has always been crawling. Sometimes, it felt as if she was never going to crawl at all!! At 8 1/2 months, she was just starting to learn to pull up, but now she has no problems pulling herself up. She can pull up on the table and she will even pull herself up on our legs. Sometimes, when she is around her friends that can walk, she tries to pull up on them. It’s cute, but dangerous as it’s likely they will both take a tumble when she tries to do that. She is getting very good with her walker. She can take several steps now with it and sometimes takes off at a brisk pace. She can make her way around the room by walking on furniture, but she seems more comfortable crawling to where she wants to be and standing. I think after taking several tumbles now, she has learned how to fall softly to her butt (mostly). She does seem to have bruises every day, but I know that is just a part of learning to crawl and stand and walk. Every now and again, she will be standing and let go of what she’s holding onto and then take a face plant into floor.

Kaylen’s babbles have turned into syllables. Her first word was mama. She has been saying to for several weeks now, but I do believe that now she does know my name is mama. My favorite part of the day is going to pick her up from her daycare provider, and she gets all excited to see me and start crawling towards me and says mama, mama, mama! I do believe she has also said hi and bye bye, but she hasn’t master those words yet. She’s getting pretty good with hi and I have heard her say bye bye a few times. She did wave for us a few weeks ago. Her first wave on was 06/23/09. It’s still hit or miss with the waving, but she seems to be doing it more regularly now.

Her front two teeth have come in as well. On 06/14/09, her right front tooth broke through her gum line. A few days later, her left tooth popped through. Now you can see both teeth pretty well. I have hear her grinding together the last couple of days. I hope she doesn’t make that a habit. I think it’s because they are new and she just checking them out. A few other moms have said their babies did the same.

Her hair is getting so long now! Some of her hair is about a 1/4 of inch away from her eyebrows. She doesn’t have my dark brown hair, but more of her dad’s light brown hair. If you look closely she does have some blond strands of hair. When she was born, she did have a blond patch above her left ear. Her hair is very fine but I do think she has some thick hair. Her hair is still not really long enough or thick enough at this point to do much with it. So, I’m still looking forward to her hair getting longer and being able to put it up in ponytails or whatever.

She is wearing 12 month clothes currently. She has been wearing 12 months since six months, but 12 months fit her pretty well now. She can wear some 18 months if it runs on the small side.

As far as foods, she is still eating stage 3 baby foods. She does manage to eat some with chunks now, but they aren’t her favorite. We do let her have bites of food that we are eating, but she mostly eats the jarred baby food with her Gerber snacks for full meals. She’s getting the hang of her sippy cup and can pretty much take drinks from it when she is not being lazy. She will drink water now.

We started recording veggie tales and blue clues for her. She seems to be entertained by watching them.

At any rate, I’m pleased with her progress. She is a happy baby. She gets lots of compliments on her eyes. She is very lucky to have gotten both of our recessive blue genes. I do think they will stay the bluish hazel grey they are – but only time will tell.

Some days, I just look at her in wonder and amazement. I’m not sure how she got so big so fast. She is fastly becoming a toddler! I just praise God for her, she is a healthy baby. We are certainly blessed and do thank our Heavenly father and all of family and friends to pray for her and us. She surely is a testimony to answered prayer and blessings!