The day before the Renewal

I am truly spent and exhausted beyond belief. I am looking forward to when this is all over and I can have my life back and go back to a normal routine. Although I am so tired, I am so happy to have this one moment with Jeff. I am looking forward to when renew our vows and get to publicly confess our love for one another. I just love him to pieces. So, I just wanted to capture this moment. How I feel the day before. Tired. Feet Hurt. Nervous. Anxious. Think I am going to forget something important. Ever so grateful for the God we serve and all that he has provided. So glad our family is town and finally meet each other after 10 years. Wish I could clone me so that I could spend more time with all of my family and all of my wonderful friends. SO VERY VERY BLESSED. 🙂


SYTYCD Season Six

I fell in love with So You Think You Can Dance since the first season. It is probably one of the the only shows that I watch faithfully each year. I love it from the beginning and I just fell in love with the show all over again this year. The talent this year was purely amazing. I am so excited to see what dancers will come out next year.. or rather in the fall. There are many favorite routines of mine from over the whole season, but I will have to say that Tyse’s routine on breast cancer I did get the most emotional over. But there were so many I loved in the moment! This is the first year that I am SERIOUSLY considering going to see them on tour. I just wish I could buy a ticket.

So, why out of all the TV shows I watch would this show rank among the favorite. Passion. Passion of the dancers. For them to be out there LIVING their dream.. actual living it, breathing it. To risk everything and put their souls out there to be judged… I don’t think many, including myself, can say they have had a moment or even moments like that in their life. There just something about knowing that these dancer have worked so hard for something all of their lives and to see their dreams to fruition. How amazing and exciting. How can you not want to partake in that kind of journey even through the television screen?

Until the final four, Melissa and Ade were my favorite. I just thought they both danced so beautifully.

I must say I wanted Brandon to win. He was the BEST dancer. He became the dance when he dance it. He gave it all each time he danced. I have a feeling that he may have lost some votes because he was so good and so very talented. Maybe he lost some votes, because he didn’t have enough confidence in himself. Maybe if he could have truly claimed what he is as a dancer, it may have transformed some of his dancing even more. Jeanine was awesome as well. She is a beauty and deserving of the title as well. She really did come into her dancing in the end. I just gave my votes to Brandon because I just thought from the get go, he was always good.

Oh.. I’m just sad it is over. Season 7 is going to have very high expectations.. I just hope the new dancers will be able to outdo this last season!

PS. I want that male ballet dancer from Miami, Alex Wong, who couldn’t be on the show because of his contract come back! I want him to be on the show!!!!

What a week………

It has been a crazy week to say this least, but it’s been a good week. It seems like in a matter of a week Kaylen has grown leaps and bounds. Last Sunday, she took the first step that I saw. Today, she can take a good three or four steps in a row. If she is really on a roll, she can get up to ten steps. She is jabbing a lot more these days. She started saying UH OH, but I don’t think she knows what it means, she just knows how to make the sound. So now, she is can say, ma ma, da da, up, and now uh oh. I have heard her say hi and bye, but she is still working on those. She is waving more often now too. I was able to get her to wave all weekend, but she waves to herself. I just am feeling so very blessed to have her for my daughter. She is a wonderful little girl and I just love her to pieces. She warms my heart and she reminds me of what is important in this world. It was the greatest joy today to pick her up from the childcare center at Shadow Hills and to see her scream in delight when she saw Jeff and I were there to pick her up. It’s the little things that let you know that you must be doing an okay job at raising her. She at least seems to know how much we love and adore her. I long for the end of the work day so that I can go pick up and play with her. There is also a slight sadness in my heart knowing that in a few month she will really be past her baby days and will be more like a toddler. I’m looking forward to it, but I have enjoyed her so much as a baby I know I will miss it. I just can’t believe she is taking some steps and just progressing like she is. It just seems like yesterday, I was anxiously awaiting her arrival. It REALLY just go by WAY too fast! Today, she is eleven months, 1 week, and 4 days old. I guess I should also mentioned that she managed to bruise her right cheek yesterday. Today, she managed to bruise her forehead and her right eye. She looks like she was in a boxing match! Oh, the joys of learning to stand and walk!