Baby Grover 2.0

Well, I am now nine weeks pregnant. 🙂 We finally decided to share the news with everyone about a week or so ago. We had our first ultrasound and we could hear baby grover 2.0 heartbeat. We could actually see the heart beating before they turned on the audio for the heartbeat. While I had know I was pregnant from about 3 1/2 weeks, I don’t believe it became real to us until that ultrasound. After the ultrasound, it was the first time Jeff talk to my belly. Seeing our little peanut and hearing the heartbeat, just made it so real to us. The ultrasound was at about 7.5 weeks.

This pregnancy so far has been very different from our first. I got pretty nauseous with the first pregnancy in the first trimester, but so far, the nauseous has been very little. The only real pregnancy symptom so far has been the exhaustion. The exhaustion seem to hit full force this weekend. I haven’t done much but sleep and I’m still tired. I’m looking forward to second trimester when I’ll get most of my energy back.

Many have wondered if it was intentional to get pregnant with Kaylen only being a year old. The answer is yes. The whole truth is that we had been trying for several months, but I am really thankful that we didn’t get pregnant until she was a year old. If I make it full term, they will be about 21 months apart. If I had complete control over everything, I probably would have opted to have them a little further a part. I had the discuss the issue with my doctor and he recommended that for my health issues, that sooner would be than later. So then began the quest to have our second. In the end, it was God’s provision that granted us this second baby.

(Please skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to hear anything about the conception process for us.)

We did use an ovulation kit and became pregnant after the second month using the ovulation kit. This was certainly answered prayer for us! I would also recommend using a ovulation to any who are trying to conceive. There really are only a few days a month that you can concieve and the kit really helps take the mystery out of it especially if you are irregular.

So have probably wondered if I am crazy have two so close together. Probably. Some days, I think what were we thinking. Especially now that we have gotten into a routine with Kaylen and we are comfortable in our roles are parents. We get the sleep through the night. It does terrify me thinking about having an almost 2 year old and having a newborn to take care of. It was hard enough with just Kaylen, but at least we got to sleep when she was sleeping, but now with a 2 year old, that is not always going to be possible. But I do know if all these other parents did it and made it through it, so can we. :0)

Now.. I’m eleven weeks pregnant.. the nauseous has subsided mostly – week 10 was rough. The exhaustion hasn’t let up yet, but I am hoping in a few weeks, I will have most of energy back. I have been so emotional the past few weeks and I am hoping that will ease up too. I’m not used to being a crying mess so much! Almost anything will make me tear up these days. We have a check-up and ultrasound coming up on Wednesday. I am very excited! Can’t wait to see the baby again. Although, it will still be a couple of months, we are going to find out the sex of the baby. I can’t wait to know if it is going to be  boy or girl! To carry on Jeff’s family name, we would like a boy, but I will be thrilled to have two girls as well, so either way, I don’t think we will be disappointed. We know how lucky we are just to have concieve this baby and truly, already being a parent, we know what joy are in store for us.. boy or girl 🙂

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