O Christmas Tree

Tonight, I finally finished putting up our Christmas tree. It must be the pregnancy homormones or something, but I really truly enjoy putting up the Christmas tree this year. We have so much history in our ten years together and it’s a nice stroll through memory lane putting up all of our ornanments. A great time to reflect on family and friends. Unfortunatly, some friends for whatever reason are no longer a part of my life. In ways, it is kind of like coming full circle. Jeff has many of his ornanments from his childhood. He has a gold rocking horse enscribed with Ryan. Funny how that ornanment may one day be passed onto our baby boy in the making – if Jeff chooses that for his name (he has not decided as of yet). I have an ornanment that I collected in Germany from a military wife exchange – it is a glass bell (that works) from a wife in Italy. Our church, Shadow Hills, gave us an ornanment last year for Kaylen’s first Christmas – that’s special and grateful that they thought enough of her to make her an ornanment. Of course, there is Jeff and I’s first Christmas ornanment together dated 1999 – given to us by his parents. I have an ornanment that a former co-worker’s wife gave to me with a tray of cookies. It’s cute. I have many ornanments from a shopping spree at Family Christian Store. 🙂 One of them is my one of my favorite ornanments. You can put a light inside of it and it has scene from Christ’s birth. Anyways, I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I don’t think I’ll ever have a matchy matchy tree – even though I think they are beautiful. For me, Christmas is a time for family and friends and celebrating Christ’s birthday and I like what our Christmas Tree symbolizes. I look forward to building our ornanment collection as our kids grow together and as we create more memories not to be forgotten.