Week 30

Wow.. I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. 10 weeks left to go. I’m feeling the need to start getting our home ready for Ryan. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all comes together. I have been in Utah for a month now. Jeff is still in Las Vegas packing. Hopefully, I should have our stuff in 2 weeks or less, although, I am quite sure that I won’t be doing a whole lot of unpacking if Jeff is not here. It’s hard enough just finding time to clean. It has been tough being a single mom and pregnant and having to manage all the day to day stuff myself. Most days, I am okay, but there are some moments that push me over the edge.

The pregnancy has really gone well so far. Nothing major or scary has happened. Ryan seems to be progressing well and the doctor tell me he is perfect and we have nothing to worry about it. At the end of Febraury, he was measuring 3 weeks bigger, so they decided to start testing my sugar levels as they were afraid that I might have gestational diabetes. My sugar levels were normal, so they were not worried at all. Now, I only have to test my sugar levels every few days to make sure that they stay normal.

I just can’t believe in ten weeks or less, I am going to meet my son and be a mother of two. I’m excited to see him and touch him. I do think Kaylen will take to being a big sister well. I just know how amazed I was at the birth of Kaylen and I know that I will be amazed by Ryan. I just can’t wait to hold him and kiss him. I’m praying that he will be a full term baby. Having Kaylen in the NICU was heart wrenching to say the least. Besides health concerns, I need to get stuff ready for him and my husband needs to get a transfer here!

2 thoughts on “Week 30

  1. I can’t believe your already 30 weeks. Wow, time flies! I’m so exited for you guys! So, what’s the deal with Jeff being in Vegas and you being in Utah? I know that must be hard! I’ll be thinking about you these up coming weeks and praying that all continies to go well with your pregnancy and the delivery. I’ll also be praying that Jeff will be there soon!

  2. Thank you, Angela! We do need the prayers! I had forgotten how emotional the last weeks of pregnancy can be! I accepted a job here in Utah, but it was contigent on me taking it right away. So after a lot of prayer, we decided it would be best for our family in the long run for me to accept the job. It’s been a total walk of faith for us not knowing how anything was going to work out, so far, everything has worked out except for Jeff getting a transfer here, so that is why we are living separate. Our inital plan was for him to stay in Las Vegas until he got a transfer or the baby came, but now, I want him sooner! 🙂 So, we are just trying to see what our different options are and how long I can make it with him. It’s been more difficult than I thought it would be, but I know God is at work in all of this, so we are trusting in him to make a way for our family to be whole again.

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