Being a Mom of Two

So, after, 29 days in the NICU, Ryan was given the offical release. We have now had him home for three days now. So far, everything has gone pretty good. I remember when we first had Kaylen, thinking to myself, how do people have more the one? It’s was such a big change going from being childless to being parents to a newborn. I thought these people that have more than one kid, surely, must be crazy. Another friend of ours had their second close to when we had Kaylen, I had to ask, was it really that crazy with two? He told me that it was harder going from childless to with kids then it was making the transition to two kids. I would have to agree with that statement now. During my whole pregnancy, I would go back and forth from being wondering if we had made the right decision to being happy that we would get to hear the pitter patter of another child’s feet in our home. Being only three days into having both of my kids together, I’m sure things are going to get much harder, but it hasn’t been life altering like it was when brought Kaylen home. That is what I had been expecting. Now, I see, since we already had to devote so much time to Kaylen, it didn’t feel like starting a new life, but just adding something great to our current life. It has been much easier adjusting to having a newborn the second time around. I don’t worry if I’m doing things right – heck, I figure, Kaylen made it through her first year okay, so we must have did something right, so we are more or less following what we did for her. There is not the whole unknown factor – we know what to expect (and that would be not a lot of sleep in the next year).

Tomorrow, we will have had him home for a week now. So I have been working on this blog now for a few days. When your days are measured in three or less hour increments, the day sure does get away from you.

I’ll have to admit it. It’s been so sweet having a newborn in the house again. Apparently, I love babies – especially when they are mine to hold and cuddle and love to death. I’m going to hate going back to a full time job. After having Ryan in the NICU for a month, I have just been treasuring have him all to myself and not having to worry about anyone or anything else. It’s been just nice to spend more time with my daughter too and not to feel the constant pull and tug or having or needing to be in two places.

I’m sure that just shortly around the corner, I’ll be pulling out my hair wondering again what the heck we were thinking having two close together – but I do know that even in the craziness, I’ll still treasure every moment with our two kids and know that God has some great plan for our family and for our hearts. 🙂