Ryan’s Birth into the world-33 weeks

I orginally wrote this within 24 hours after Ryan’s birth into the world (3/31/10). I did it so soon so I wouldn’t forget a detail and so I could share his birth story with all of our family and friend who were so far away at the time. Reading this now, I see that I made many errors, but hopefully I have corrected most of them!

Day 1 of Being a Mom of Two

Ryan's First Picture after Birth

As many of you know, my water broke prematurely at exactly 33 weeks – on Saturday, March 27th. It was a gross rupture and no real chance of the rupture healing. The doctors were hoping to that I could make it until next saturday to give Ryan the best chance of survival and with the littlest medical inventions neccessary. Early in the morning of Tuesday, March 30, I started having some real contractions. They started around 11 pm the night before, but would come and go throughout the early morning hours. By 6 am, I called the doctor’s back in and told them the contractions were getting stronger and not subsiding. They brought me back down to labor and delivery, where I begged for pain meds (I will have a few choice words for Eve when I get to meet her – lol, it also reminded me how much God must have been displeased with her to make the pain of labor so intense and awful). The pain meds were slowing down the contractions. So, then they would not give me anything but tylenol to help me deal with the pain – the contractions were anywhere from 7 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart – so they were not being very consistant. My doctor said I would either have to go through the contractions until they were sure I was laboring without any pains meds or have a repeat c-section. Knowing that I couldn’t make it in the pain I was in for a few more hours, we opted for the c-section. Shortly after the decision, I was being rolled back to the OR for the c-section. It was must harder for me the second time around maybe because I knew more what to expect as far as the procedure. When they found Ryan and removed him, we could only hear a few cries before he was whisked away through a window into the NICU unit. Jeff didn’t get to really see him either. After Ryan was gone, I struggled with making it through the end of the c-section. I was extremely nervious, shaking, and cold. They finally gave me something that knocked me out and I awoke in the labor and delivery room. For the first few hours they wouldn’t let either one see Ryan, but finally Jeff got to go. When I tried to get out of bed the first time, I was feeling not well. So, I haven’t been able to see him yet, but I’m feeling better and can’t wait to hold and see my little boy for the first time. Kaylen hasn’t been brought to the hospital yet. She will not be able to meet Ryan until he leaves the NICU. I opted for her not to visit me either since I was feeling so ill and in much pain. Luckily, we have daycare watching her during the day, Jeff picked her up and spent the evening with her before taking her over to a dear co-workers house to sleep for the night. I can’t wait until she can meet her little brother! Anyways, the first day of being a mom of two hasn’t felt like being a mom yet. Just trying to pull myself together to be there for my children now! Ryan did struggle with his breathing and was placed on a CPAP to help him breath. There was also some concern of jaudice (as with Kaylen) and he is currently under the bili lights. He is inside a isolet right now, but they are hopeful that later on today, he will be removed from the CPAP, taken into a regular crib (as he can maintain his own temps now), taking off IV feedings and to be feed by tube. We are so very thankful for all tlhe prayers and encouragement. Both Ryan and I made it through this in loving hands of our God and Savior through the help and incessions of your prayers. We look forward to keep on singing God’s praises as he continues to work mircales for us!


Pretty in Pink

This past weekend was another first for my daughter and I. I had the joy of painting her fingernails for the first time. Since she was a baby, she has always sat pretty still for me while I trimmed her finger and toe nails. I figured she was probably ready for nail polish. I picked out a cute set from Wal-mart that had a light pink, darker pink, and glitter nail polish. It also came with with some fake rhinestones and a little nail file. I put Kaylen in her highchair seat and started painting her nails with the darker pink. She did pretty well – there were only a couple of times she moved her hands around and messed up some of the polish. For the most part, she kept her hand laying down flat. I applied two coats of the darker pink and one coat of the glitter. I couldn’t resist and had to put a rhinestone on each pinky. Those were shortlived though. I did use a blowdryer to help speed the drying process. At any rate, I enjoyed painting Kaylen’s fingernails for the first time. I do wonder if when she grows older if she was be a girly girl wanting to have manipedis. Now..if I could just paint my nails. 🙂

Ryan-16 Weeks

Ryan will be exactly 16 weeks tomorrow and I truly have no idea where the time has gone. So much so that yesterday when I counted the weeks on the calender since his birth and it was 16 weeks – I thought there was no way he could be 16 weeks and after some thought, I decided to pull out a spreadsheet and make sure I was counting correctly. And, I was. Yep. He’s four months. A quarter of his first year of life – gone. His newborn days are truly over – which is very bittersweet. Today, we had his four month check up. He weighed in at 13 lbs 7 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for four months old which is pretty good considering he’s seven weeks premature – so he really would be like nine weeks if he was born on his expected due date. I asked the doctor if he was was more like a two month old baby or a four month old baby and the doctor said he is like a four month old baby. However, I think he’s not fully caught up just yet. He hasn’t rolled over yet, but he’s gotten pretty close one time. He is lifting up his head and can pretty much support the weight of his head. We recently started sitting him in his bumbo chair and he can tolerate sitting in it for short period of times before he can’t hold his head up. He was a champ when it came to getting his shot today. He only cried between the time the nurse stuck in needle in to the time I could pick him up – so less than 30 seconds. He smiles a lot now. He started smiling around 12 weeks for small spurts, but now when you give him attention, he will give you a smile. He coos a lot now too. I tell Ryan, “Love You” and he will respond with “A Goo.” He just melts my hearts – especially with all the smiles and cooing. He now also responds to his big sister Kaylen and will smile at her lovingly. Kaylen is such a good big sister to him as well. She always trying to help him – give him his binky and blanket and try to rock him as well. She gives him several unprompted kisses throughout the day. To my worry though, he seems to be a thumb sucker. We haven’t been able to find a pacifer yet that he seems to like as much as his thumb. I just worry about breaking of him of it later. The pacifer you can take away – you can’t chop off his thumb! However, we are very happy with Ryan’s development and still feel very thankful that he hasn’t presented any other major heatlh concerns given his prematurity. I am in a state of shock that he is 16 weeks old. It just doesn’t seem possible. IT REALLY DOES NOT SEEM POSSIBLE. But, it is. *BIG SIGH* I just love these baby days and I just know it’s all going to be over too soon!

Eggless Cupcakes

We discovered around 17 months of age that Kaylen was allergic to dairy and eggs. It has been quite the adventure since then figuring out what she can and can’t eat. Thankfully, her allergy isn’t life threatening and only requires one dose of Benadryl when she has a reaction. She is more allergic to eggs than milk so I wanted to find a recipe for her birthday that didn’t have eggs so she could enjoy her birthday cake without having to be force-fed Benadryl afterward. I found a few recipes and while Jeff’s parents were here we hoped that they would be able to test drive making the cupcakes with her, but unfortunately Kaylen got sick and we had to cut out some of the planned activities. A few days after they left, I was able to make the cupcakes with her. She really enjoys all the stirring! I think she had fun making the cupcakes with me. She didn’t mind so much this time if I stirred in the same bowl with her so that was good too. It was fun getting to bake with her again and I hope we will be able to bond as mother and daughter in the future with more baking!

The cupcakes turned out pretty well and if no one had told me that eggs were not in, I would not have guess it. They are a little more crumbly than a normal cake – but overall not bad! I would definitely recommend this recipe for someone who is allergic to eggs! This recipe made 12 cupcakes.

Chocolate Cake



1-1/2 cup flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup cold water (or ice coffee)
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp vinegar


Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Use a small brownie-size pan (no greasing required). Mix all the dry ingredients right in pan. Mix all the wet ingredients in separate bowl except the vinegar (important!). Add wet ingredients to dry and stir until all dry ingredients are mixed. Add the vinegar quickly and stir in — immediately put the pan in the oven and bake for 25 to 30 min. Cool thoroughly.

Optional: after you add the vinegar, you can put some frozen cherries, raspberries or cranberries on top of the batter (or you can mix them in beforehand)