Ryan’s 1st NICU Miracle Baby Reunion

Today, we got to go to Ryan’s NICU Miracle Baby Reunion. This was the 10th one that the hospital sponsored where Ryan was born. I was pretty impressed. They had ambulances and the life flight helicopter for the children and adults to take tours of. They had face painting, fake tattoos, crafts, and animal zoo room (had some animal skins and pictures). It was all very nice and they even provided a meal for everyone. Ryan isn’t old enough to appreciate all of the activities, but Kaylen had a good time in the animal zoo room petting all of the animal skins. Although she wasn’t much interested in the rest of the activities – She just wanted to run around a waterfall. She keep going to trees and grabbing them and saying, “UP, UP!” She was a little scared of all the painted faces of the other children. Hopefully, next year, she will think looking at helicopters and stuff like that will be just as interesting as trees.. lol. Jeff was kind enough to come with me and take care of Kaylen while I was able to take care of Ryan. I was a little disappointed she wasn’t more interested in all of the activities they had because they seemed pretty cool – but maybe next time! She did get a butterfly tattoo – which she just calls a “fly.” The best part of the whole Miracle Baby Reunion was visiting with some of Ryan’s nurses and with one of his NICU roommate and his mom. Those NICU nurses are really special. In this picture, this is Kasey, one of Ryan’s primary nurses while he was in NICU. I’m so glad we have continue our relationship outside of the NICU. The NICU is a very hard experience to go through and these nurses have the kindest and sweetest hearts. I do realize just how lucky we were with Ryan’s birth. This was a great opportunity to remember where Ryan’s life began and how we have been greatly blessed-from the friendships formed to the awesome staff for the Common Bonds Support Group putting this all together for us.  

Here’s a news article with some pictures of from the event: http://archive.deseretnews.com/article/700054597/Premature-babies-and-parents-reunite-with-hospital-staff-who-cared-for-them.html

Looking out at the waterfall - Kaylen and Jeff spent some time out here playing when coming to the hospital. At the event tonight all she wanted to do was run around this waterfall.

These were some of the animal skins Kaylen got to touch. Yes, they were from real animals.

Jeff and Kaylen touching one elephant tooth! It's pretty big!

Kaylen petting bear fur

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