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A while ago, I saw a posting talking about how seasons change in lives and friends come and go in your life for different reasons. I think that is just a bunch of bologna that we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better at the lost of a friend. I lost a friend who was once near and dear to my heart and I remember people saying that sometimes we are just friends with people to teach them something or they have something to teach us. I’m not buying into that. Yes, there are things that we learn from our friends, but I think true friends remain friends throughout the ages and seasons for that matter. A true friend knows when you have responsibilities pulling you elsewhere in your life so that may not be as availble as you once were. To say we are just friends with someone while one party or both parties are gaining something and then to call it quits when someone has decided they aren’t gaining anything is just a bunch of crap – that’s not a true friend. You know when you have a real friend on your hand when you can go a timespan without talking and know that friend still loves you the same and you can pick up like you never dropped off. Anyways.. just my two cent thought for this week.

Adding this 08/12/10 – After reflecting on this post for the past day. I realized why I was so bothered by the statements I read about being friends for just seasons. It was what my “dear” friend told me when I had to end our friendship. Yes, I ended the friendship. Some friendships must end and it’s not out of what is benfitting one or not. It wasn’t seasons changing that caused me to end the friendship, but it was me realizing that I was better than being used as a door mat when someone needed to wipe their feet.

2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I agree!! True friends are friends for life. Sometimes, you are really good acquaintances with people who are in your life because it’s convenient, but they disappear as soon as one moves or circumstances change and that’s fine. Those are not the kind of friends you tell your darkest secrets to, or trust to be there during difficult times. Best friends, true friends – those never leave!

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