Ryan – 20 Weeks


Ryan is now five months old. He’s smiling a lot now and making a lot more noises. He loves to get your attention and he will just smile at you and do some babbling. His legs are getting much stronger now and he can stand up on his legs (with assistance, of course). He seems to like being able to stretch them out. He can hold up his head for longer periods now and his back muscles are gaining strength. He does well sitting in his jumperoo – although he’s still not quite too sure what to do with all the toys.  I probably haven’t been as consistent as I am supposed to be in his tummy time, so he hasn’t roll over yet. He really doesn’t like being on his stomach and seems to dislike it more as time goes along, but I just let him hoot and holler for a little while. There hasn’t been any huge changes in the past month – the most noticeable is just how he is started to interact with us more by all of his smiles and all of the noises he likes to make. He has also started kicking his legs around when he gets excited or  happy. I love those little legs kicking about! It will be interesting to see how he progresses through the next month. I’m loving every minute of having Ryan. I love coming home and holding him and watching his smile go ear to ear when he recognizes it is mama talking to him. He has such a sweet smile. I let him give me slobbery kisses – though not intentional on his part – but I love them none the less. 🙂 His big sister just adores him as well. Today, we went out to eat after church, and I left Ryan in the booth so his dad could get him. I walked Kaylen past him and she started to get all frantic saying “baby, baby, baby” and pointing at Ryan. I had to tell her that we weren’t going to leave Ryan there as I chuckled along with the people in the booth next to us. How cute she is as his big sister! 

And yes, he is still a thumbsucker. I have given up on the battle of thumb-sucking for now... How precious he is though!

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