Fruits of our Labor

Today, we could no longer ignore our peach tree. We had to harvest some of the peaches before the tree broke under the weight of all the peaches – that may be a slight exaggeration but the tree was almost touching the ground.  The above picture are the box full of good peaches. Although we probably picked off a hundred peaches, there still seems to be a couple hundred or more left. I must say when I found out we had fruit trees in our back yard, I was pretty excited. Now I realize it is just a lot of work. It’s nice, but perhaps I would enjoy it more if I had more time to can the peaches, make peach cobbler, or give the tree proper attention. Kaylen really loves the peach tree. She had a ball “helping” me sort out the good from the bad peaches (her help was mixing up my piles!). We still had fun as a family harvesting some of the peaches. The best part was actually enjoying the fruits of labor by having some fresh peaches from our backyard! 

Jeff spotting Kaylen as she climbs to the top of the ladder

Jeff climbing ladder to pick some peaches

Picking a peach

Kaylen almost to the top of the ladder

Kaylen enjoying a peach

All the peaches we have left to harvest

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