Canning Peaches Unwrapped

This weekend we took on canning peaches. When our peaches became ripe, I didn’t think that I would can any peaches. I had looked it up and it seemed to be like a lot of work, but after seeing the number of peaches we had and after listening to a co-worker explain to me how to can peaches, it sounded pretty easy and that it would be worth my time in the long run. It is hard for me to pass up FREE and we do buy canned peaches on a fairly regular basis. When my co-worker offer to give me free mason jars, I was sold. She also offered me her pot to help the peaches. I found and use this website to guide us through canning peaches process: We decided to the hot pack the peaches as the website listed a few good reason to hot pack them rather than raw packing them. Although, through the whole process, we did wonder if this extra work was neccessary. In the end, it really was a lot of work. It wasn’t hard, but just took a while to get through them all. I’m quite sure we had over a hundred peaches that we canned and in the end we ended up with 12 jars of canned peaches. So, if we were to ration it, that means one jar of peaches for us each month – which is pretty good.

Step 1: Washing the Peaches. We threw all of our peaches in cold water in our sink and let them soak.

Step 2: Put peaches in boiling water. We found leaving them in the water for 1.5 minutes worked best for us.

Step 3: Put peaches in cold water bath. The process of putting the peaches in hot water then cold water loosens the skins and you can pull the skins right off of the peach.

Step 4: Pull off skins and cut peaches. We opted to quarter the peaches. We also sprinkled the peaches with some fresh fruit preservative to stop the peaches from browning.

Step 5: Let the cut peaches soak in the sugar/water mixture. We used the medium syrup which is 2 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar. Jeff worked on making the syrup while I started peeling and cutting the peaches.

Step 6: Put the peaches into the mason jars and fill with syrup.

Last Steps: After the peaches were put into jars, we put the lids on. The canning pot could fit seven jars, so once we had seven jars ready to go, we completely submerged them in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then we place them on cooling racks in our pantry. Once they cooled, you could hear the lids pop indicating that they were sealed.

Yummy Yummy Canned Peaches

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