Canning Pears

So, canning pears, is exactly the sames as peaches – without the blanching process. I found it to much easier to can the pears. It took us about two hours. I don’t know if that was just because we knew what we were doing this time around. You can find specific instructions here: Here a few photos:

All the pears! A co-worker of mine had a friend that I guess orders pears by the truckload once a year. I was able to get the pears for .66 cents a lb.

These were are the pears all skinned and quartered. Looks a little disgusting if you ask me.

The almost finished product-still needed to be boiled. These I put in the jars myself. The pears alone were super sweet and juicy. They just melted in your mouth! Can't wait to enjoy these after sitting in some nice syrup.

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