Beginnings of Kaylen Denna


Lots of Changes – Written on February 10, 2008

So if you are reading my blog, you probably know by now, that we are expecting our first baby. We are very excited and, of course, nervous at the same time. Our main concern right now is that I stay heathly and our baby stay healthly. We know many people wait until the 3 month mark before spreading the news, but just with my health condition, we just wanted to best chance for our baby and we know from experience how much prayer works and wanted as much prayer as possible for our baby. We just found our early this week. It all started with the positive on the home pregnancy test (which was on Monday) and the very next day, I went to my primary care doctor, and had the blood test done. By Wednesday in the afternoon, we had the positive result back from the blood test and begin sharing the news with our family and friends. Both of families are very excited! Besides the big baby news, I am also quitting my job at Haycock Petroleum. My last day will be Feb. 15th. It was as very hard decision and one made before we knew we were expecting, but we still feel it is the best decision for us and although we are going through the big change in our life… we are going to continue to step out in faith and know that God is going to take care of our family. So I’m out looking for a new job and it looks like I have promising lead. Anyway, we are just so very happy right now and very happy with the direction our lives our going. We just want to say thank you in advance to all of those who will be praying for us. It means more to us then you know!

The First Trimester – Written on March 26, 2008

So.. wow. The first trimester is fastly coming to an end. It just seem like the other day I was peeing on stick to find out if I was pregnant. Now, I’m in week 13 of my pregnancy. It has not been the easiest first trimester… although I don’t have another pregnancy to compare it to. I do consider myself lucky to have not had morning sickness. I only got quezy for about 2 weeks between weeks 6-8 and then all the queziness went away. However, about a couple of weeks ago, I had a really big scare and I thought I was going to lose the baby. I ended up going to the ER due to bleeding and as it turned out I had a tear behind my placenta. There wasn’t anything they could do for me and only told me that the baby had about a 50/50 chance of making it. I remember being in somewhat kind of shock when the doctor told me that because I had just seen the ultrasound of the baby and baby grover was moving around and had a good strong heartbeat. I was put on bedrest for a few days after that. Last Monday, I had another ultrasound where I got the good news the tear was healing. So everything is looking up for now. During that ultrasound, baby grover was pretty active bouncing all around the place making it hard on the lab tech to get the baby’s measurements. Right now in my world, there is not much more comforting hearing my baby’s heartbeat. I got to hear it twice this week so far, but if all goes well, it will be another month before my next doctor’s appointment. I’m trying to take this pregnancy one step at the time and not to get caught up in the future too much. There is a lot that is going to change in our lives… but I figure one step at a time, right? I’m super anxious to find out the sex of the baby. I would like to be able to call our baby by name instead of “the baby” or “baby grover.” We do already have the names picked out. Also, looking forward to buying the first outfit for the baby. Surprising.. or maybe not, I haven’t bought one thing yet.. just waiting to find out what is is going to be. I don’t really have a preference, but ideally Jeff and I would like to have a boy and a girl. Sometimes I look at other couples that have babies already and just can’t believe we are going to have one of those really soon. My due date is Sept. 30. So, I’m just thankful the baby is healthy and doing well. I believe that I have started to feel the first flutters of baby grover. It’s comforting to feel the movement so I know the baby is doing alright. The only other thing I seem to be suffering from is headaches. I hope they go away soon. It’s hard having a headache for a good portion of the day. Anyway, I think that sums up the first trimester. This really just has brought Jeff and I to a new place in our relationship. He is truly a wonderful husband and I couldn’t ask for a better one. I just can’t believe how lucky I got some days. I just feel so grateful and blessed for this new life within me and to have a supportive husband who takes care of me when I’m not at my best.

Besides the baby stuff, for those of you that remember, I quit my last job in February, so I have been unemployed for about a month. However, today, I got the good news that I finally got a job offer. I’ll be working as a staff accountant for Marshall Retail Group. So I’m super excited to be starting a new job.

As for Jeff, he recently was promoted and is now an instructor for the Transportation Security Adminstration.. so instead of rifling through everyone’s baggage he gets to teach others how to do it! Well, there is more to his job than that, but he is in the training department.

So overall, the past few ones have been ones of big change and new suprises for both Jeff and I. But we couldn’t be more happy with the direction our lives is going and we couldn’t be more reminded of how faithful God has been to both of us.

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