Beginnings of Kaylen Denna:It’s a girl 04/21/08

It’s a girl!!
Date: 04/21/2008

So, we had our ultrasound today. It was very exciting. I had read in all my baby updates that it is possible to tell the gender of the baby as early as week 15, but most will not check for the sex of baby until between week 18 to week 20. We are 17 weeks, so I was really hoping they be able would tell us and that baby grover would cooperate. Up until we were told it was a girl, I was convinced I was carrying a boy! Jeff and I really didn’t have any preferences either way as this is our first, so we were really excited at the news. Jeff has already shown what a protective father he is going to be as he didn’t want me to upload the picture identifing her as a girl. :o) We already had both of our girl and boy names picked out, so we knew immediately what we were going to name her. Her name is Kaylen Denna Grover. Jeff says that he will probably call her K.D. as a nick name. We choose this name because the names orginally come from one of our favorite books – “The Wizard’s First Rule” by Terry Goodkind (1st book in The Sword of Truth Series). One of the main characters is Kahlan, which we always pronounced Kaylen. We didn’t want any confusion in how to pronouce her name so we opted to change it from Kahlan to Kaylen. Denna is also a main (but more secondary) character in this book as well. We looked up the meaning of both names and Kaylen is hebrew for beloved and Denna is hebrew for valley. So, Jeff and I joked that she will be the Beloved Valley of Trees (last name grover comes from grove of trees). It was so exciting to see Kaylen moving around in my womb. You could see her moving (she didn’t stay still for long) and you could see her opening and closing her mouth. The main thing though is that she is growing normally and on schedule. Her heart seems to be developing well and has all four chambers. Her brain looks good as well (the doctor even joked we might have to send her to Harvard). The doctor did say that she is measuring a little bigger than her age, but only by about 4 days. She weighs 7 ounces and they guess that she was about 8 1/2 inches long now (they can’t get her to stretch out completely to measure her length). Jeff and I are so very thankful and grateful that she progressing normally. We feel so blessed and are very thankful for all of you that have been praying for her. We know what a difference prayer makes and Kaylen had a rough first trimester, but we know that through God’s will and everyone’s prayers that she will continue to grow heathly and strong. Again, thank you so much!!

We were both excited at the news that we are having a girl that we went a bought 2 outfits and a toy for Kaylen. They were all picked out by her daddy. I will upload all the pictures, but right now I can only upload one. The pictures are under the baby album Kaylen First Items.

The ultrasound today made it more real that we are going to be parents soon, but in some ways, it still seems unreal. Time is just going by so fast!

I just want to thank all of you that have been supporting and praying for us. It means a lot. We are so very grateful to all and can’t wait for all of you to meet God’s newest princess – Kaylen Denna Grover.

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