Beginnings of Kaylen Denna:Week 31

Wow – Week 31! Nine more weeks to go!
Date: 07/30/2008

We had our ultrasound on Monday. It is always so exciting getting to see her move around and to see how much she is growing!! This is week 31 for us. She is growing normally and on target. All measurements looked good. She weighs about four pounds now. They guesstimate that if she keeps on growing as she has been she will weigh about seven and half pounds if she goes full term. That makes me really happy, but they we were she might be large, but it looks like she will be about average. The lab tech showed us where she is already growing hair! I am hoping she has a full head of hair and will keep it after she is born. :o) In all of our baby readings, they said that you shine a flashlight on your tummy, that the baby will turn towards the light. So, I asked the lab tech if she knew if it was true. She said that she had heard it but had never tested it. But she said she did have a flashlight in her purse and we could try it if we wanted it. And we told her yes, we wanted to try it, but we thought they would have thought we were weirdoes if we bought in a flashlight. Well, sadly, it didn’t work. It was a little flashlight, so I’m not sure if it enough light. We were already trying to get her to move, because she had her face buried into my back, making it hard to get a good view of her face. We got a decent picture, but I just can’t wait to see what she looks like. She was also having fun playing my with rib cages as her feet where kicking away in there. Luckily, she didn’t cause me any discomfort as I hear that can be pretty painful. All in all, the pregnancy is going well. She is healthy and growing normally and that is all we could really want. I am in some discomfort as it appears my sciatic nerve is being irritated – don’t know if is her laying on that side or if is just the size of my uterus now. It is making it hard to walk. I can get around ok – I just have to limp a little everywhere. It really only hurts when I have to walk, when I am sitting or laying down I normally don’t feel any discomfort. I have been told jokingly by other that this is just practice as she will be getting on my nerves the rest of my life. LOL. At any rate, we are trying some stretching and pain management to help. If it doesn’t get better or gets worse, I might try physical therapy. But for the most part, the doctors agree the only real cure will be when she is born. I certainly don’t want her to come early, so I’ll happily bear the pain! Really, everything is going well. We are just in the slow process of getting our home ready for her. It’s exciting getting her room ready and imagining what it will be like to have her home. Just nine more weeks if she comes near her expected due date (Sept 30). We have completed our prepared birthing classes, so we are probably as prepared as we can be to what to expect for the labor and delivery process as well can. I do feel a sense of nervousness and anxiety not really knowing what is going to happen when she is ready to come into this world, but I just put my faith in God that He will get us both through it just fine! We have a couple of more classes that we are taking, but we should be finished with that soon. All in all, we are just getting so excited for her arrival and just can’t wait to welcome her to this world!! We thank all of our friends and family that have been so supportive and I know many of you are just excited as us – especially the grandparents and aunts and uncles!! We just hope that one day she will know and realize just how many people love her!

If you like to view about a 5 minute video of Kaylen’s ultrasound, please copy and paste this link:

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