Last night as I was putting my daughter to bed, we had this conversation:

Me: You know what Kaylen? Do you know who loves you? Mommy loves you. Do you know who else loves you?

Kaylen: Jesus loves me.

Me: Yes, that’s right. Do you know who else loves you?

Kaylen: People love me!!! (very excitedly)

Me: Yes, there are lots of people that love you. (giggle from me). Do you know who else loves you? (Kaylen says hmm?) Oma and Opa love you.

Kaylen: Opa… Opa and Oma went to the airport.

Me: Yes, that’s right, Kaylen. They went to the airport to get on plane to go home to Massachusetts.They love you very much. Do you know who else loves you? Papa and Nana. They love you very much. (Kaylen is listening intently this whole time).  Who know who else loves you?

Kaylen: My Pousin (that’s cousin).

Me: Yes, your COUsin, JC, and your Auntie Debra. Do you remember them? Remember, when JC was here, and you were playing with him?

Kaylen: Yes. They went on airplane.

Me: Yes, they went on an airplane to go home to Las Vegas.

My heart saddens at this point. I continue to go down the list with her Uncle Art, Aunt Mandi, and Uncle Anthony. It just saddens me that we live far away from our family and that my daughter is associating our families with airplanes and airport. It is the truth though. I’m not about to jump ship from Utah or anything, but I wish that we had family closer. My mom will be visiting soon, so I’m guessing will be adding the comment about Nana going to the airport. I’m happy that my children as so love and I know even through the distance, they know they are loved.

3 thoughts on “Airplanes

  1. Aw, that is sad! 😦 Cute story, though, and props to you for reminding her that there are people everywhere that love your family and keep you in their thoughts. Pass on a big wet zerbert to both of the kids for me! 🙂

  2. This story would reminds me how grateful I am that we are able to Skype often. It’s hard to believe how quickly your kids are growing. Thank you for nurturing their loving hearts.

  3. Oma says this makes me teary! (: Wish we weren’t so far away, but thanks for keeping us in the kiddos’ thoughts. We love and miss you all!

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