Priceless Moments

One of my co-worker is getting married soon and another co-worker is making a hand-sewn quilt for her. It is beautiful. I was excited to do a little hand quilting. I brought Kaylen along because it was right after her ballet class. While I was quilting the layers of fabric (mind you not doing such a great job), my needle got stuck when I was trying to pull through four stitches at once. I started grunting trying to get the needle pulled when Kaylen comes up me and very loudly says “Mommy, you making yuckies?” My face starts turning red and my co-workers look at me. I tell Kayeln, “No, I am not.” Afterward, I confirm to my co-workers that is she is indeed asking me if I am going #2. Now, it’s an ongoing joke at my work. What a priceless moments with my cute daughter….

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