A hanky to hold tight

I wrote this the night before I left the hospital. It made me cry my eyes out and I did use the hanky and left it with Ryan at night. Although going back and reading it today, I think it was probably a Parent Support Volunteer that gave it me and in my fogginess assumed it was nurse.


by Sharon Williams Grover on Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:52pm ·

As tomorrow is my last day in the hospital, it is becoming a very emotional time for me. The care that both Ryan and I have recieved here has been truly outstanding. I feel it in my very soul that God did lead the way for me to give birth here which gave Ryan the best opportunity he could have been given. It’s very heartbreaking to leave the hospital without your baby.

A few days ago, a NICU Nurse gave me a NICU Parent Survival Kit. It has candy in it with encouraging reminders and thoughts to help you deal with NICU stay. In the package there was also this poem and it really touch my heart. It was wrapped in a little blue hanky.

It goes:

It’s hard to come into this life
And not have Mommy’s touch.
I know the doctors mean to help
But I miss her so much
We had many months together
When I was tucked inside.
Now we are lonely for each other
and we both have cried and cried.
But someone gave my mommy
a hanky to hold tight.
She sleeps and holds it close to her
It’s filled with love each night.
When mommy comes to see me
She puts it by my skin
It makes me feel so happy ’cause I feel my mom again
I love these little hankies
They work just like a charm
And I’ll cuddle, smell, and hold them tight
Till I’m back in mommy’s arms

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