Priceless Moments 03/31

Today we had a RAWRing party for Ryan. As a part of his birthday party, we brought some inflatable dinosaurs for decor for his party. Jeff had blown them up the night before. When Jeff came down the stairs in the morning, there was Kaylen surrounding by all six dinos and started telling her daddy.. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! Never mind it wasn’t her party and that they party hadn’t even started. She did have a great a great time at party though!

A couple of days before I had painted Kaylen’s nail with polish that you can just rub off. In the morning, she said her nail was broken. Jeff told her that I would fix it after dinner. Her response was so funny. She said that she LOVES dinner and then ask if we could have dinner now… never mind we hadn’t had breakfast yet.

She has also requested a tuba.. make that pink tuba. We watch a lot of Veggie tales in the house so she wants a tuba like Larry. 🙂

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