Early Intervention

So after much trepidation and worry, I finally decided to call Early Intervention for Ryan. I kept going back and forth on whether to make the call or not. Trying to take in the information from everyone – most say he will start talking on his own when was ready. I shouldn’t worry. But I’m a mom, I can’t help but to worry. I keep trying to chalk it up to Ryan being “strong-willed” and very “determined.” Those are nice “words” for stubborn. Most people like to remind me that I should read to him every day, that I need to use constant repetition, that I shouldn’t give in to his screaming and shouting, that I should toughen up. I readily admit that I probably do give him more than I should, but when you are on the verge of tears and your child is screaming their head off, there got to be some point when my being stubborn and refusing to give in until he talks, just isn’t productive any more. I’m really just a ball of nerves. Did I not try enough hard enough? Is is my fault that Ryan won’t say mommy and daddy?? Should I have persisted when I gave in because I couldn’t handle his screams anymore?? Making that call to Early Intervention was the hardest call I had to make. It was like a part of me admitting that somehow I had failed my son. While I know I shouldn’t feel that way, I can’t help it. My daughter was talking before she was year old and signing as well. With Ryan, even though I had gotten some practice with Kaylen, it just what we have done isn’t enough. Sure, Ryan didn’t get as much attention as Kaylen (as she was an only child), but I don’t feel like I just gave us trying to teach him how to talk and communicate. I’m just dying on the inside to hear Ryan says “Mama” and look at me with those longing eyes. While on the outside, I just try to keep up the facade that doesn’t bother me every day that, while he is two, he has yet to say simple words like “Mama” and “Dada.” The only word that he says regularly is “bye bye.” Maybe I have just been uber concerned this whole time and after his evaluation, they will tell me I have nothing to worry about and I’m just a super over-worried, over-stressed mom. I would love if that was the case. I know Early Intervention will help us learn techniques to better help us to teach how to get Ryan to communicate more. But as someone told me.. Oh, you are going to end up like one of those moms on Super Nanny when they have the train the parents… I guess maybe that is a part of parenthood.. wondering if somehow you failed your child and if you could have, should have done something differently. Anyone that knows my heart, know just how much I love my kids to pieces and that I desire to do everything right to raise them up properly. I just hurts to hear someone else say your fears out loud. Making the call to Early Intervention I know is the best decision I could have made and I know that I will do whatever I can to help Ryan continue to improve his speech and his communication. I just needed to “talk” and work though some of these feelings….


Ryan’s RAWRing Birthday Party

I can’t believe my lil’ man just turned TWO. Ryan loves to RAWR with his dinosaurs, so that I thought it would be perfect to throw him a RAWRing birthday party. As I began to scan the internet for ideas (Pinterest came in handy!) for his party, I found lots of great ideas. I also thought to myself how in the world do these mom put together such elaborate parties!?! This is probably the most elaborate birthday party I have done to date and not quite to the standards of other parties I saw! Surprisingly, I would do it again in a heartbeat! It was a lot of fun to do all the “crafty” things and thank goodness for a dear friend (Shellee) and my husband for helping me late into some nights to help put this party all together! I fell in love with my cricut machine all over again. A lot of what we were able to do was with the help of the Dinosaur Tracks Cricut Cartridge. Thankfully, I was able to borrow it! Although with all the use I got of it, I am considering purchasing it. I see lots of dino related events in our future!

As guest approached our home, we had dinosaur tracks leading up to the entry. One of the boys who attending our party had quite the imagination and said the dinosaurs came into our house and fell into our basement window and came out of the window on our porch. That just made me chuckle and glad that these prints could spark such an imagination! We did also have a inflatable terradactyl flying off the top of our porch, but I forgot to get a picture of that.

We made a Happy Birthday Banner for Ryan…

We got some inflatable dinosaurs for decorations. I found some polka dot ballons which I thought resemble dino eggs. We used green and white streamers all around. Plates and plasticware were green or yellow to keep with the theme.

I also made some dinosaur party hats. I think they came out well. Next time, rubber cemet might be better for making sure the spikes stay on the hats.  We also had the dinosaur fossil cuts out that we taped to the mantel.

We started the party off letting the kids show some dino love by sporting dino tattoos (temporary of course!) Here I am applying a dino tattoo to Kaylen.

After putting on dinosaur tattoos, we had a simple lunch of just hot dogs and chips. We did have some special treats for our guests. I made some “dinosaur eggs.” My friend Shellee made some awesome butterscotch and chocolate dinosaurs. The dinosaur eggs were made by dyeing hard boiled eggs. I cracked the shells before dying them. The butterscotch and chocolate dinosaurs were made pouring the butterscotch/chocolate into molds.

Here is the spread for for lunch.  My husband made the palm trees! We had the chocolate and butterscotch dinosaurs under them. My husband and I made the dinosaur cake. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do for the cake, but it kinda just came together as we made it. We used six bags of jumbo marshmallows, three boxes of cocca and regular rice krispies, 2 lbs of melted chocolate, cinnamon red hots, and crumbled thin mints. The dino claws were just bugles chips. I had hoped to make a decorative dino claws sign, but I ran out of time.

After lunch, we had a dino egg hunt. I had found some camo eggs at walmart (thankfully his party was around Easter making plastic eggs easy to find!). We stuffed the eggs with mini-dinosaurs (also used for cake decorations). The older kids had a great time and the camo eggs proved harder to find. We actually found more eggs when we doing an Easter egg hunt the following weekend with our kids.

Next up was opening presents… I requested no presents for Ryan as he had plenty from family. Due to my generous guests, we got some parents snacks donated for the NICU that I volunteer with and a sponsorship for a local national missionary in Cambodia.

The last event for the day was cake and ice cream!

We had also made favor bags for our guests (which I also forgot pictures of) but in it we had a dinosaur sticker book, extra dinosaur tattoos, and some candy. The most awesome thing in the favor bag were dinosaur crayons made by my friend Shellee. These were mady by the same molds we used for the chocolate.

I just loved how these came out!

So overall, we had a fantastic RAWRing time.

I must also give my friend, Amber, credit for taking most of these wonderful photos. These pictures of Ryan’s RAWRing party will be treasured for the rest of our lives. I’m so thankful she was able to come and celebrate with us and give us these pictures!

Fight for Preemies

Why we fight

-We choose to fight because they fight every day and don’t have that choice.
-We fight because every baby deserves at least 39 weeks.
-We fight because all babies are entitled to a healthy start.
-We fight because no one should have to start parenthood drenched in fear, wonder, and terror.
-We fight because no parent should have to question or make the decision on whether support should be held or stopped.
-We fight because premature babies face life threatening conditions that NO baby should have to face. They fight every day…just to breathe.
-We fight because we believe in miracles, and the power of coming together to spread awareness and raise money to fund research and vital programs that will make a difference.
-We want to give hope to every baby and every family.
-We fight because they can’t.
-We fight because babies shouldn’t have to.

How ‘Fight For Preemies’ Affects You

Join us as we walk across the globe…online! In the fight against premature birth!

Do you want to walk for the March of Dimes this year but can’t? Now, you
can join us in a Cyber Walk! Honor your baby by sharing this with family,
friends, neighbors, and help us raise money for further research. 100% of the
proceeds will go directly to the March of Dimes!

Why we walk
To raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes in honor of the million
babies born too soon this year and the 12 million more struggling to survive.

In the United States alone, more than half a million babies a year are born
prematurely. The rate of premature birth has increased by 38 percent over the
last 30 years. But still many don’t know much when it comes to preemies, their
struggles, and their triumphs.
1 in 8 babies are born too soon and some too small to survive. That’s
12.8% of all babies born in the United States and prematurity is the #1 cause of
death and disability of infants.

Please visit http://fightforpreemies.org/ to see how you can help. The above is taken directly from their site.