Fight for Preemies

Why we fight

-We choose to fight because they fight every day and don’t have that choice.
-We fight because every baby deserves at least 39 weeks.
-We fight because all babies are entitled to a healthy start.
-We fight because no one should have to start parenthood drenched in fear, wonder, and terror.
-We fight because no parent should have to question or make the decision on whether support should be held or stopped.
-We fight because premature babies face life threatening conditions that NO baby should have to face. They fight every day…just to breathe.
-We fight because we believe in miracles, and the power of coming together to spread awareness and raise money to fund research and vital programs that will make a difference.
-We want to give hope to every baby and every family.
-We fight because they can’t.
-We fight because babies shouldn’t have to.

How ‘Fight For Preemies’ Affects You

Join us as we walk across the globe…online! In the fight against premature birth!

Do you want to walk for the March of Dimes this year but can’t? Now, you
can join us in a Cyber Walk! Honor your baby by sharing this with family,
friends, neighbors, and help us raise money for further research. 100% of the
proceeds will go directly to the March of Dimes!

Why we walk
To raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes in honor of the million
babies born too soon this year and the 12 million more struggling to survive.

In the United States alone, more than half a million babies a year are born
prematurely. The rate of premature birth has increased by 38 percent over the
last 30 years. But still many don’t know much when it comes to preemies, their
struggles, and their triumphs.
1 in 8 babies are born too soon and some too small to survive. That’s
12.8% of all babies born in the United States and prematurity is the #1 cause of
death and disability of infants.

Please visit to see how you can help. The above is taken directly from their site.

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