Evaluation with Early Intervention

We finally finished Ryan’s evaluation with Early Intervention. We had to postpone his original in-home eval because he got sick. He had his health and hearing screening first. He can hear just fine, which was no surprise to us, because if he couldn’t hear he certainly wouldn’t have been throwing himself around the room every time we told him no.

Here were his scores (compared to others in his age group – 50% would be average)

Adaptive: 5th Percentile; Personal Social: 10 percentile; Receptive Communication: <1 percentile; Expressive Communication: <1 percentile; Gross Motor: 63rd percentile; Fine Motor: 75th percentile; Cognitive: 9th percentile.

So what does all of that mean? He qualifies for Early Intervention. He is also exhibiting behaviors which are red flags for autism. Jeff and I certainly don’t want to label Ryan with Autism. We would like to see how he progresses over the next year with the help of Early Intervention. I would like to say I didn’t cry when our evaluator expressed concern over some of the red flags in Ryan’s behavior, but I did. It wasn’t tears of frustration or worry, it was almost a relief mixed with concern. I had expressed to a few people that I had concerns that maybe Ryan had some autistic behaviors, but I was always brushed off as being overly paranoid, but so while I wasn’t “glad” to see that my motherly instinct were right and felt relieved that it just wasn’t all in my head either. It’s hard in this day in age to be a parent to someone who may have a learning disability. I have already heard several times that our society rushes to judgement and is too quick to medicate children and want to diagnose them with some condition to give the parents an excuse (a way out) of dealing with their child’s issues. Being quite frank, I wish people wouldn’t just assume the same about my family. I don’t want people to think that we are going to treat Ryan as autistic just because he may have some behaviors. We are hoping that he will have a positive response to therapy and maybe it will resolve some of the behaviors. Also, this was just the first evaluation and I’m sure as we have more sessions with Early Intervention  a fuller and more complete picture will form about Ryan and where he is and his ability. I wanted to share his scores so that we can share his progress and how he is doing with some measurement of where he first started. I don’t believe in a year from now, he will be the same toddler.

What this all means to me:

Ryan gets a specialized treatment plan to help teach us how to better care for him

We will most likely have a rough road ahead of us as parents as we will have to make an even more concentrated effort to work with Ryan. We are up for the challenge. We want to see Ryan thrive and I’m excited to learn I can help Ryan meet his development milestones.

The driving force behind me posting my original post is that I just wanted some understanding. I also just needed to vent. I really dislike it when people minimize my concern. I shut down emotionally in sharing and it makes it difficult for me to be honest about how I really feel. Some may find it odd that I would share all this in a blog form, but for me this is therapeutic and allows me organize my thoughts.

My heart is really at peace. I find comfort in knowing we can get some help for Ryan. I know I haven’t failed Ryan as a parent, but it is hard at times to not let other people opinion make me question if I have really done enough. I feel like a burden has been lifted from me and I don’t have to carry the weight of not knowing what we can do to best help Ryan. I am so thankful I made the call.

I appreciate all the kind comments I received on my original post. I know I’m not alone on this journey! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Evaluation with Early Intervention

  1. I’m glad you received the validation! It’s so frustrating when people discount the mommy instinct. Putting Elisa in ei was one of the best things we ever did as it gave us those tools to help her but we also learned things we are now able to use with Aidan. Keep up the good work momma!

  2. I’m glad you followed through with it and that you got an answer to your questions and worries. Mommys really have those instincts…and people should give more credit to their worries and opionions! Now that you have an idea or what has been causing the delay…you can fix it! How great! 🙂

  3. Happily I know Ryan has two wonderful, caring, kind, loving, and attentive parents – I am positive he will thrive as you take care of his unique needs. You are always in our prayers, and I trust God will continue to work His will in your family. Love to you all!

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