EI Introduction

Ryan had his first appointment with his therapist today. I really like her and Ryan interacted well with her too. The meeting was mostly her getting to know Ryan and us and filling out the rest of our paperwork. Most importantly, we set some goals that we would like to see Ryan achieve. Ryan’s EI session will start at 3x a month. I’m really excited to see how we can help him. Ryan is constantly making improvements – I do have to remind myself of that sometimes. Just because I don’t see the progress on a daily basis, I sometimes forgot how much progress Ryan has made in the past couple of months.

Here are our goals:

  • Ryan will be able to communicate to his family what he wants during family routines. Using gestures, signs, word/word approximation.
  • Ryan will show an understanding of every day objects, people, and pictures, etc.
  • Ryan will follow 1 step routine directions
  • Ryan will increase his attention to be able to focus on what his parents are telling him and to complete a task

I just really can’t wait to get started and do what we can to help Ryan improve. I think this beginning will be the most painful (stressful) as we try to get Ryan to communicate in a different way other than crying and throwing tantrums but I know it will be so worth and it will be less frustration for Ryan and for us!


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