South Jordan Country Fest Parade 2012

Kaylen has been pre-k ballet class for almost a year now. Her teacher decided to have her classes participate in the South Jordan Country Fest Parade. While it was mostly for the older girls who are coordinated enough to march and use pom poms at the same time, the little pre-k were able to join along in be on the “float.” The kids on the float mostly just enjoy the ride, but occasionally shook their pom poms and threw candy at our the crowds. I didn’t think I could handle being on the trailer with all the kids in the hot sun, so I asked Jeff to be the one with Kaylen on the float. He readily agreed, but little did we know that it meant them baking in the hot sun for over two hours before the float would begin to move. Check in time was 8 am, their float didn’t actually start moving until 10:45ish am. I packed me and Ryan up and were there around 9 am. I found a nice shady spot to set up and then the wait began. There were a lot of nice floats and for the most part Ryan didn’t mind being in his stroller.

My lil man waiting for the Parade to start.. noticed he has started to point. He actually will do some posing for the camera as well.

And here are some of the floats Ryan and I got to see

Possibly my favorite entry into the parade (besides my daughter). The motorcycle cops were hi-fiving the crowds, doing tight circle in sync with one another, revving their engines. It was fun to watch.

Just one of the many marching bands in the parade

This was the last picture I took before racing to get a spot to where we would be able to see Kaylen’s float. Luckily, I ended up next to another mom with the same teacher, and she told me that would be stopping the float further down the road to let the older ones complete their marching routine. Jeff said that was the best part of the ride for Kaylen was when she got to see me and Ryan and was throwing candy at me to catch. She just thought that was so fun. I took a short video when they first came into the road (posted on FB) and then hauled me and Ryan probably a good 1/2 mile down the street trying to get just a little ahead of the float so I could take a video of them when they stopped. I wish I could of gotten both pictures and video, but decided just video would be so much better than pictures. If you take time to watch the video you’ll notice, Jeff and Kaylen were in matching shirts, which also matched Ryan, which also matched mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of all us. But yes, I’m that cheesy mom! 🙂 After taking the video, I wasn’t really interested in staying for the rest of parade.  Jeff had a fireworks show later that day, so I wanted to make sure to have plenty of time to get to the car. I did stop on the walk back to the car and took a video of Scottish Pipe Band for Jeff. We were almost to the car when I noticed a lady who was struggling walking and carrying her folding chair. I put her folding chair on the stroller and let her hold on for support. She started telling me about her family and kids and just before we parted she started telling me how she was going to be saying the prayer in her granddaughter’s blessing later that day, but that her daughters had asked her not to use her walker and to walk “normal” so that she wouldn’t embarrass them. I was appalled at this story and I hope my parents never feel like they are an embarrassment to me. I gave the lady a hug before leaving, but it was just heartbreaking that someone would be more concerned with keeping up appearance rather than health of their mother. But I digress, Jeff said that in the future unless our kids express an interest in actually doing the parade, he might not be as apt to participate in the parade again. It was so cute to see them in the parade so I’m so glad we made this memory with our family!

This was the best photo I could get with kids in their matching shirts! Kaylen just adores her little brother.

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