Scrapping NICU Name Tags

At the NICU I volunteer with, we make name tags that go on the baby’s bed and one to go on the wall. In a room full of medical equipment, I think it gives a little comfort. I remember being so thankful when I walked into Ryan’s room and seeing his name tags. It just made me feel special and like someone cared to go through all of that effort. When my friend, who first introduced me to scrapbooking, told me she was coming to visit, I asked her if she would be interested in making some pages for the NICU. She readily agreed, but it turned out we needed more name tags at the moment. We probably spent a good three nights working on these tags, which totaled 50 in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed making these and learning more tips on creating such cute embellishments. She brought her paper embosser and now I totally one one! I wanted to emboss everything! She worked so hard on these so I just wanted to share these cute name tags. My favorite is the paper flower which my friend created! The outerspace tags we made with the cricut. I glued together each little martian and space ship (both had three layers of paper) and Kaylen patiently cut all of them out.  She has some googly eyes which totally made the martian. On the pink tags, I love her banner and I was introduced to washi tape. I could NOT make those little tiny bows on the end of the banners, but she could, and what a perfect touch to the banners! I love all of these creations.

I can’t say thank you enough for helping me made these and hopefully putting a smile on the face of parents who are facing a NICU stay.