NICU “Survival” Kits

One of things that I received from the Common Bonds Parent Support Group was a NICU “Survival” Kit. I appreciated it very much. It was a bag full of little treats with cute little sayings. I loved the poem with the baby washcloth. Receiving the bag was a little ray of sunshine through the NICU Fog.

I just wanted to share in case anyone happen across my blog looking for ideas to brighten the day of another NICU family. These items are placed in cellophane treat bags. We don’t always have all the items in the bags, but if nothing else this should get some creative ideas going! If anyone else has any cute ideas that you would add to the bag, I would love to hear about them! Please leave a comment if you do.

Hershey Kiss Give yourself a kiss now and then
Almond Joys Find “joy” in the little things
Tootsie Rolls Try to roll with the ups and downs of the nicu
Nuts Try not to go “nuts” while in the NICU
Skittles RX – Take two every 4 hours as needed to relax (Skittles in small RX bottle)
Life Savers Time away from the NICU can be a lifesaver
Extra gum Take EXTRA time for yourself
Fast Break  bars Take a break from the stress of the NICU…It will do wonders for you
Baby Washcloth Poem “A Hanky to Hold Tight”
Twix Bar Twix you and me, your baby is Adorable!
Take 5 Bar TAKE 5 minutes each day to glory in the beauty of your tiny baby
A can of soda You “can” do hard things

One thought on “NICU “Survival” Kits

  1. Love this. I’m sharing with my NICU support team to see if we can’t pull something like this together! The only things I really ever received in mine were quilted blankets for over the isolettes. We took a few of them home and I still have Elisa’s and love them. They were the best blankets ever for playing on the floor. 🙂

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