Ryan’s 1st Day of Sensory Pre-k

Ryan has made huge improvements since his first meeting at early intervention. He still struggles with communicating his every day needs (hungry & thirsty) but he has picked up a ton of words. He has started also making animal noises. He is saying mama more often. He’s pointing at objects and he will bring items of his interest over to us. I couldn’t be happier with his progress and now only wish I would have called Early Intervention sooner. He shocked both Jeff and I last night when we told him it was time to eat and he climb into his chair and pointed at his placemat and said FOOD!

We were happy when we learned Jordan District Early Intervention had a sensory pre-k class. Ryan will be going to this class twice a week. So in total, he has intentional “learning” times 3 times a week now. For one of the session at the pre-k class, a parent must be there. Jeff went with him for his very first class.

They got there a little earlier than expected (like 25 minutes), so Jeff was able to get a few pictures of him playing in the room while they waited for his classmates and teachers.

Open, Shut, Open, Shut

His class is two hours long.

The first agenda item was Arts & Crafts. They got to use paint bottles with sponges on the end and paint dots onto construction paper.

Next, it was playtime. He got to explore the room. He loved the swing (pictured below) and keep getting on and off again. He also played with some fish and trucks. He also brought a couple of books over to Jeff to read.

Then it was “Work” Time – He sat a table with a box of sensory toys which included slinky, koosh ball, windup frong, top, and a bendy straw. He could play with the box for a few minutes and then Jeff’s would pack the toy back up into the box. The objective was to get Ryan to sit quietly for a few seconds before he could get the toys back. The overall objection is for Ryan  to learn to sit still in his chair. After he masters that, then they will move onto working with him to get him to follow specific instructions (like put the cube in the circle) while sitting in a chair. I would love to say that Ryan sit quietly, but most of the time, he just screamed his head off. Jeff tried to wait for a pause in the screaming to give him back the box which quiet him down and then the crying would ensure as soon as the box was taken away.

After Work Time, they got to go play in the motor room. It has a slide, rocking horse, ball house, etc, and a outside play area. He spent a large portion of time time “driving” around in a play fire truck or going down the slide. Towards the end, he was having full in the ball pit.

After all that playing, it was snack time where Ryan got shredded carrots and small crackers. I’ve never even thought of shredded carrots. He has eaten carrots at home, but never shoestring like.

Last was circle time. They sat around in the circle singing some wiggle songs, then used maracas, and finally they had big book with flaps that they were supposed to take turns opening and closing the flaps. Ryan spent most of the time screaming and flopping around because he did not want to stay in the circle and he wanted to do all the flaps himself and did not want to take turns with other children.

Which after all the screaming, by the time of I meet up with Jeff for lunch afterward to get the skinny on his first day was like, Jeff was pretty on edge… which is completely understandable. I would have been too.

That was his first day at his pre-k class. I’m hopeful with this class and us continuing to learn different ways of teaching him that we will continue to see Ryan improve.

Just one last picture of more play time from Ryan…. he stacked the blocks up all by himself. He does have an attachment to his dinosaurs which you can see here he held onto while stacking the blocks.

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