My baby girl is five

It’s finally here, Kaylen is five years old. No longer a toddler or baby, but a young lady. A very happy cheerful girl who still can’t get enough of being chased around and tickled. She loves to laugh and play silly games. It’s satisfying and sad for all at the same time. I’m not quit sure what it is about her 5th birthday, but it just seems like it’s an end of era and onto a the next phase in her life. Every day she is asserting her independence more and more. “No, Mommy, I can do that all by myself… No, I don’t want any help…I can do whatever I want to do” Ok, that last phrase got her in trouble, but just goes to show that she really has a mind of her own. If you tell her she is cute, she will tell you, I’m cute and beautiful! But that Ryan is cute and she is beautiful. I’m happy that I’ve raised so far a girl who has confidence  in herself and I hope that stays with her throughout the years and she won’t ever second guess that she beautiful inside and out just the way God made her.  She has such a kind and sensitive heart. I love her so so much.

She came into this world at 5 lbs 2 oz and change my heart in an instant. God must have known how my heart needed her badly. The emotion I felt at being able to hold her for the first time is still to this day hard to put into words. In that moment, I truly knew what unconditional love felt like and finally understood the love that God had for me in His heart.

When it was after midnight today, I asked Kaylen if she knew what today was, and her eyes got soo big and I told her she was five. She laughed with delight and excitement. We sang her Happy Birthday before bed. I’m baked her a chocolate cake that she will get to have in the morning. A birthday tradition I have started with her since I’m a working mother who doesn’t get to spend her whole birthday with her. Can’t wait to see more excitement and delight in her eyes as we celebrate her birthday on Saturday. 🙂

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