Trim Healthy Mama: Yummy E Pancakes

THM Pancakes

About two months ago, I started the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Lifestyle. I refrain from calling it a diet because you’ll see some THMs heads turn 360 when you do, but for all intents and purposes of the word diet – your diet is what you eat – and my diet is THM friendly foods.  One of my favorite E breakfast meals are the THM pancakes. I’ve made them several times now and have now perfected my method of making them. Because I respect copyrights, I cannot post the full recipe here, as it belongs to the authors of THM, However, I am sharing how I adjusted their recipe and methods to make the some super yummy THM pancakes that are approved by my kids!

  1. I use my ninja mega kitchen food processor bowl to grind my rolled oats into a fine (the finer you can get them, the better) powder. Any blender should work fine or a coffee grinder (but that would require several small batches to processed).
  2. I place the rolled oat powder into a medium mixing bowl. I add the baking powder, 4 tsp truvia*, and cinnamon**. Combine well. *I use a homemade truvia (it is much cheaper). **The cinnamon is my addition and I use about 1 tsp per batch.
  3. I put 1% fat cottage cheese into my food pro bowl and blend until it looks like a thick milk.
  4. Add blended cottage cheese to oats and stir them together.
  5. I use carton egg whites and put them into my food pro bowl and blend until they have doubled in volume at least and soft peaks forms.
  6. Now, add the egg whites to your oat/cottage cheese mixture. This part take a little while to get the oat mixture to combine. You need to let it sit for about 5 minutes or so to thicken up. This is very important. If you don’t wait, you will have very flat pancakes.
  7. I use the time that the pancake batter is thickening, to pull out my pan, started heating it on a med-low heat.20130907_151658
  8. Once my pan is warm, I make sure to use my laddle to mix the batter up and pull the batter up from the bottom. I like to make large sized pancakes, so I pour in about 1/2 to 3/4 of my laddle. I spray just a titch of grilling Pam* onto my cheap-o, non stick pan and pour the batter in. *I am not sure if Pam is THM compliant, but it has no calories and no fat and I really just spray a tiny dot.20130907_151912
  9. You need to wait until the pancake is almost cook through before you flip. The edges need to be just about dry before you flip. If you don’t wait, you will have a harder time flipping the pancake. The pancake should be a very dark golden brown when you flip it over.20130907_152105
  10. Once it is flipped, the pancake should only need to be cooked for 30-45 secs on the remaining side I usually serve this side face up since it more eye pleasing (at least in my opinion)20130907_152934
  11. Now, just repeat steps 8-10 until all your batter is gone. I usually make a double batch. This double batch got me 12 large pancakes. You can eat 2 of the these sized pancakes for your E meal. Pictured belowed is the back side of the pancakes. I freeze my packages in batches of 2 with a papertowl in between in a quart sized zip lock bag. I just warm them in the microwave for about 45 seconds or pop the frozen pancakes in a toaster for a quick and easy breakfast for me or my kids. My daughter calls them “Mommy’s Pancakes” when asking for them for breakfast.

I love cinnamon! So today, I decided to have my THM pancakes topped with truvia sweetened 0% Fage Greek Yogurt and peaches sprinkled with a good dose of cinnamon! YUM!

THM Pancakes Peach


15 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama: Yummy E Pancakes

  1. This is my first time to your blog and I have just a couple of questions. What are “E” Meals? Also, the THM (E) pancakes look delicious but I am not seeing the recipe. I see what you put in but am not sure what amounts to add of each ingredient. Thanks and I look forward to following your blog. Have a beautiful day!

  2. thanks for the tips. One of my kiddos is not super excited about the TH pancakes, but I think with your tips, I can perfect the recipe to make it more “real” to her. I told them, as soon as the frozen waffles are gone from the freezer we will not be buying more, so I hope they will just get used to it :).

    • You’re welcome. Your kids might like the THM Pancakes, but baked. This is NOT my recipe, but you make the THM Pancakes (1.5 batch) and add blueberries, pour into a 6×8 loaf pan, baked at 350F for 50 minutes. I screenshot this on my phone from the THM group on facebook, but I did not get the name of person who shared it! If I find it, I will definitely link to give her credit.

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  4. Hey thank you for posting this…I had high hopes for fluffy pancakes this morning after reading through the THM recipe last night but found that just throwing the ingredients in the blender made a pretty runny textured batter and flat pancakes. I am going to try your method next time to hopefully get them a lot fluffier! P.s. do you use 1% cottage cheese? I found my cottage cheese had a lot of moisture in it and thought that may have contributed to the runniness.

  5. you use 4 tsp of truvia but using the conversion chart for super sweet it would be 12 tsp of truvia. are yours less sweet?

    • The super sweet blend is much sweeter than normal truvia. The blog post was before they had the super sweet blend. If you are using the super sweet blend, I would probably use less.

  6. We loved this!! Thank you so much for the delicious idea. I love how you still get the protein in through the cottage cheese. I used two eggs I hope that is THM friendly? I am new to this THM I have only been doing this the past three days, but I am very excited and hopeful that I can make a Large Meaningful difference in my life. Anyway these pancakes are a 5 star for me, I made a bunch up and froze the rest. I put cinnamon in my batter and then blended up Blueberry’s and Raspberry;s and cooked them on the stove top with a little Stevia, and drizzled it over the top of my Pancakes with a little Greek yogurt Yummo!!

    • Using whole eggs would make this a crossover meal instead of E meals. With THM, you want to keep your fats (S Meals) and carbs (E meals) separate to stay in weight loss mode. Combining fats and carbs makes it a cross over meals. Still healthy, but not as conducive to losing weight. KEep going and learning. You will get the hang of it, it takes time, so give yourself grace and keep moving forward. 🙂

  7. Your recipes look so delicious, but do you publish the nutrition information? I’m counting carbs and hesitate to use oats as listed in your pancakes and blueberry oatmeal breakfasts.

    • Are you on the THM plan? E meals should be limited to 45 carbs, but the book says to limit a meal to 3 pancakes to stay within limits. With E meals you should limit blueberries to 1/2 cup if I remember correctly.

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