A Perfectly Paired ‘S’ Breakfast

OneSuperGrover-Perfectly Paired 'S' Breakfast

I have no idea what “dutch babies” are. I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten one, but reading Stacey Makes Cent’s Blog Post about her Grain Free Dutch Babies looked so delicious so I knew I needed to give it a go this weekend for breakfast. I followed her recipe exactly, I only halved the recipe since I was only making it for me. I wanted to devour the whole pie pan of the dutch baby, but good thing I didn’t because two serving would make this a crossover meal. One day, I’ll get to have crossover meals-but not now. Stacey also suggested Gwen’s Sugar Free Berry Syrup, so I decided I needed to give that a go.  I also halved her recipe since I knew I wouldn’t finish 3 cups of syrup in one week. Gwen’s Syrup really made this meal. The Dutch babies were good on their own, but they are AMAZING with Gwen’s Syrup. I have a sweet tooth, so I added a dash of NOW Better Stevia and probably close to 2 TBSP of powered homemade truvia (perhaps even a bit more). Before I added the gluccie, I would taste test and I kept adding in my powered homemade truvia until it was the right sweetness for me. After adding the gluccie and it thickening up, I added just a bit more. I also wanted to add some chia seeds so I added 1/2 tsp – which still keeps in the FP zone. I did add the lemon oil. The touch of lemon just made it that much better.

This is definitely a breakfast you will want to give a go. I’m so thankful for both Stacey and Gwen’s blog because both of these ladies have made THM so yummy with all of their recipes. I definitely recommend going to both of their recipe tabs and pinning all the recipes you will want to try!

Keep to half the pie pan to stay in S territory. Nutritional info is just ONE dutch baby pie pan-half of Stacey’s recipe

Stacey's GF Dutch Babies

Gwen’s Sugar Free Berry Sauce is FP (even more so without the addition of Chia Seeds). I only added 1/2 tsp which is what it is showing below. The nutritional information is for half of the recipe.

Gwen's Sugar Free Berry Syrup Calories

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