Abandoned Castle

This is an abandoned Castle in Duchense County, Utah. This “castle” was built in the 70s. It obviously isn’t a traditional medieval castle. It is more like one that build with some likeness to castle – there is a round tower which you can sort of see in the upper left in the picture and the rock going all the way around the castle.  This castle is on road between Salt Lake and Vernal. My corporate office is in Vernal so many of my co-workers had told me about this castle. So on my first trip out to Vernal, I wanted to stop by and see it for myself. The story goes that the family that lived in this home disappeared one day without taking any of their belongings – just disappeared off the face of the earth. No one has ever been able to find them. At first, they said you could go into the home and you could see all the family’s belonging – dishes in the cupboards, clothes hanging up, etc. Then the county went and cleaned everything out and now it’s just an abandoned home. My guess is the bodies are probably buried on the property – it’s out in the middle of nowhere!  While the outside isn’t much to look at now, I do think it must have been pretty cute at one point. The insides at this point have been completed gutted and everything is in disrepair. Who knows if there is any truth to this story – but it makes it an interesting stop nonetheless.