Our First Sensory Box

I think it was a several months ago when a friend on FB posted a link to a very fun, crafty, tons of stuff to do with your preschooler blog: http://pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com/. My friend specfically mentioned her “sensory boxes.” I had no idea what a sensory box was, but after seeing all of her different sensory boxes, it look like tons of fun for the kids. I can across her blog again and there have been some recent posts about Sensory boxes, so I went on a mission to make my kids first sensory box – I decided to do a fall theme.

I decided to use the split green peas to start with. I wasn’t sure if Ryan would try to eat them so I wanted to start off with something more than oatmeal, but nothing he would choke on. They also had a great feel to them. I found myself being lulled into space listening to them clinking together as my children played with them. We have a local store called Winco that has a very large selection of bulk items. I was able to get 11 lbs of the peas for about 7.00 dollars. All of rest of the items where purchased from Dollar Tree, so add another 8 bucks to our cost. The bin was given Kaylen from her grandparents, so I get to count that as free. It was pretty good size. It had good depth, but my kids didn’t have to reach down into the bin to play. So let’s say 15 for this sensory box which I will be able to reuse all the items. I thought the pumpkin was overly big for the container, but my kids had a great time playing with the “very big pumpkin.” It kept my son entertained for 50 minute straight. He didn’t think about getting up or doing anything for 50 minutes. My daughter played for about 1 hour straight, but she wanted to get up run around with Ryan. It was totally worth the investment of 15 just for that alone!

Before the fun begins:

It was great learning fun. They just loved running their hands through the peas. They felt very cool on your skin when you buried your whole hand. We hid the squash and pumpkins. I had Kaylen pretend she was baking. We went over colors. We talked about fall and how when fall comes it makes the trees turn pretty colors and the leaves fall off the trees which we acted out with letting the leaves fall over the bucket. My kids just giggled with delight. They were very content just scooping, raking, and letting the peas run through their hands. We then got some of their dinosaurs to join in the sensory box fun and they both really like that.  We buried the dinos and had fun digging them out. It seems like there is just endless possibilities with the sensory box. I think it will be a great winter activity or for my friends would live in hotter climate a fun summer activity. What a great way to develop your child’s imagination. If you are interested in creating your own sensory box, check out http://pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com/2011/10/sensory-boxes-101-tips-and-inspiration.html

Here are just photos of all of our fun! You should be able to click on any of the picture to bring up the gallery to view larger images.