Pretty in Pink

This past weekend was another first for my daughter and I. I had the joy of painting her fingernails for the first time. Since she was a baby, she has always sat pretty still for me while I trimmed her finger and toe nails. I figured she was probably ready for nail polish. I picked out a cute set from Wal-mart that had a light pink, darker pink, and glitter nail polish. It also came with with some fake rhinestones and a little nail file. I put Kaylen in her highchair seat and started painting her nails with the darker pink. She did pretty well – there were only a couple of times she moved her hands around and messed up some of the polish. For the most part, she kept her hand laying down flat. I applied two coats of the darker pink and one coat of the glitter. I couldn’t resist and had to put a rhinestone on each pinky. Those were shortlived though. I did use a blowdryer to help speed the drying process. At any rate, I enjoyed painting Kaylen’s fingernails for the first time. I do wonder if when she grows older if she was be a girly girl wanting to have manipedis. Now..if I could just paint my nails. 🙂