Capturing one moment

I am sorely behind in posting. I just wanted to capture (and remember) one moment.

Friday morning, I was supposed to get up early. I wanted to try to get up. My eyes were heavy and my head did not want to lift up from the pillow. I stayed in bed longer than I should, but it was worth, because my husband got the kids up. He changed Ryan and let him crawl into bed with me. His skin to my skin. The warmness. He stuck his little thumb in his mouth and snuggled into me. Heaven. Ryan is getting to be such a big boy now that he hardly ever wants to just sit still and cuddle. That is why this moment was so precious and worth staying in bed just a little longer than I should have.

I love my husband and the precious kids God has gifted me with. I am ever so thankful for God’s abundant blessings in my life.


A Song Only You Can Sing…

Food for thought… 

“Each of us has a song to sing, not with words and music, but with our lives. And one day all of heaven, the host of glorious beings and the Father Himself, will fall silent, listening as the song of your life is played. Perhaps the great Church of God will provide background vocals, and Jesus Himself will sing with you; but it is your song, which you and everyone else will hear, complete and perfect, for the very first time. Don’t cut short your song. If you end your life before the last verse planned by God, I fear it will leave a gap, a silence nothing can fill, because no one else can ever sing your song.

I don’t know how the song of your life will sound, but I can promise you that, when you hear it, everything will be worth it. The last verses will be the sweetest. But the part that will rock heaven will be the passage when the music almost stops—and then the voice of God is heard, declaring, “Live!” and the song takes wing once more…”

This is an excerpt from by John Espy, while he is specifically speaking of taking our lives physically… but if you think about spiritually.. how many of us cut our song short in spiritually sense… leaving a gap that no one else can fill because no one can sing our song.. a song that God has only given us to sing?